talks & support: Anouk Haller, Naho Iguchi (nionhaus) | WiSe 2020/21

Nionhaus (an initiative of NionBerlin) is set up as a creative community building in a former department store in Neuköln with special attention to social, flora, founa and technology. Aim is to create a sustainable interior and exterior (roof and yard) that is close to nature and in warm touch with the the surrounding landscape and neighborhood.

Anouk Haller (Community Lead at Nionhaus) has a history of working with creative startups and community projects, and as such in touch with Greenbox and Infralab Berlin(a team of Berlin Infrastructure companies: BSR, BWB, Vattenfal) but also with new connections like Living Future Europe. At Nionhouse she also relates to closer connections like the neighborhood and will give a tour in the Nionhouse explaining about the plans and problems to be dealt with.
– Anouk can be contacted to get in touch with the right people from Greenbox or Infralab.

Naho Iguchi (Chief Community Catalyst at Nion) as a founding member of Nion and as artist/sustainable construction technician she leads the design process at Nionhaus. This is based on biophilic principlesaiming to bring people in closer contact with nature, such as weather, water, flora, fauna, light and air.
– Naho gives an introduction into Biophilic Design and can be contacted with questions on this during the Find a Fact & Act project.