18 January – Guest 16: Marije Vogelzang


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Kairos moments. I’ve had many of them. Small ones, larger ones. The moment you listen less to what you think you should do or what you think other people expect of you the more Kairos comes to visit. I used to be a lousy Design Academy student. I was very young and trained in secondary school to do what I was being told. Not to explore by myself. After I was almost kicked out of the academy I decided to try one more time and now only do what I wanted to do. This is when I found food.

ON Marije Vogelzang

Food, at that time was absolutely not accepted as a subject for design. This made me doubt my choice but I saw the effect my creation had on people eating the food I made and I remembered the joy I felt when creating a food experience. I decided that my personal fascination was my guide and I only focused to the pleasure and excitement that came from people who experienced my work. I decided to ignore all the negative voices and also my own critical inner voice who told me that I would never be a real designer. Because real designers make lasting objects.
I found out that my gut is my best guide and I still use this as inner compass. After more than 20 years I am at the base of a global movement of food and design and do not only teach food and design but also strategies that help creatives meet kairos on demand.

Founder of Studio Marije Vogelzang

Founder of The Dutch Institute of Food & Design

Head of Food Non Food Department Design Academy Eindhoven

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Marije Vogelsang // Kairos 16