VISIT: NIONHAUS – Neukölln and expert conversations | WiSe 2020/21

14 December 2020: a 1,5 meter distance visit

In between lockdowns and limited-access-rules we managed to find an opportunity to visit Nionhaus in Neukölln for the FIND a FACT & ACT project.
Anouk Haller and Naho Iguchi – our Nionhaus partners in the project – showed us the building, the roof and the yard. In two separate groups we visited the previous C&A warehouse (till 2011) and shelter for refugees (2015-2017) and Anouk and Naho explained about the plans that NION Berlin is aiming for with the building from spring 2021 onwards and gave insights in the opportunities for students to intervene.
In the afternoon expert conversations took place between students with the involved architect, Niklas Fanelsa & his team and Neukölln process developer KMS David Fritz.

some images from the first group visit and online talk below

Naho Iguschi

Anouk Haller

impression of online expertmeeting with Naho Igushi & Anouk Haller (Nionhaus), Niklas Fanelsa (architect) and David Fritz (Neukölln process developer KMS).