SATELIGHT light system helps people who lack natural sunlight to gain more of it, with the help of a receiver and a lamp.

My starting point of this project was the fact that many people are moving in the past years to live in underground places, such as basements, shelters, or just other places that lack windows and therefore lack natural sunlight.
This type of living, where people don’t receive enough sunlight results in negative effects, such as depression, mental problems, and other unwanted disorders.

To prevent this, I have tried to find a way to deliver natural sunlight to this type of places.
I came up with certains ideas, for example using mirrors and other stuff. In the end, I have gotten to put my hands on optic fibers, and those can deliver light in a great and quality way, no matter what stands in their way. SATELIGHT light system uses the most quality glass fibers that can deliver light in the best way to just about anywhere.

The first concept was to try to implant the optic fibers in a suited system, I have checked telescopic systems that can “steal” lights from the street and from the sky, light infrastructures system that can be found inside the walls and the ceiling of a building and is becoming an architecture project on its own.

After a lot of thought, I have decided to leave the architecture project to a different aside and I have decided to design a system, a small one, that includes a receiver and a lamp. Between those two, a bunch of optic fibers – warped up together – are connected.

The light will be delivered after it penetrates and is focused by a large magnifying glass which lays on the top of the receiver, underneath it, the optic fibers’ edges are to be found.
This system is meant to be friendly, easy to use, efficient, functional and aesthetic.
Everyone who suffers from lack of sunlight can put the SATELIGHT system in their dark place, and get more sunlight.
The optic fibers can be detachable and replaced to other lengths, if it is too short for a specific location of a person.

Anyone using this system is adding more quality of life for his living. The SATELIGHT system fibers are designed like roots, or like a flower, to show that those need also sunlight for living. It is to be placed on the table, shelf, or even on the floor.
Another possibility is to have many receivers and lamps and to gain a much much larger effect in the room.

I have enjoyed working on this project and I think it will be useful for many people who live in sunny cities, but dark rooms.

Omri Ron, 5.sem exchange student Shenkar Ramat Gan/Tel Aviv, WS 2020/21