New work | Bachelorarbeit 2020

When I defined my expose under the title “HomeOffice“ in winter 2019, I didn’t know how important this topic will be for the whole world in the following year.

What was considered impossible for employers and employees just a few months ago has now become part of our everyday life: 

Not only freelancers but also employees from different generations work from home and keep company structures alive. 

Between mountains of laundry, schoolwork or shared flat roommates, the same service had to be delivered overnight as in a familiar office environment. 

Digital tools such as zoom or other programs quickly emerged to enable communication and replace physical meetings.

Due to a lack of planning and knowledge, this work structure became a challenge, especially for parents, students and other professionals. 

Achieving a better work-life balance became the number one issue. 

My task as a designer was to enable a better work life integration through product and process changes:

The term New Work was introduced in the late 1970s by the Austrian-American social philosopher Prof. Dr. Frithjof Bergmann. Bergmann, coined the term New Work and is considered as a pioneer of the movement.

Today he describes the structural change in our working world. The reasons for this include digitisation, globalisation and the development of artificial intelligence, which open up completely new opportunities and possibilities in the execution and organisation of work.

New Work means a new way of combining life and work. Work – and private life should be better integrated:

New Work is a mobile furniture collection to enable agile working at home. The family consists out of three objects. A lounge chair, a side table and a stool.

Every object includes two modi. On and Off. New Work supports a better work life integration.

Material: Powder – coated aluminium



Betreut durch 

Prof. Ineke Hans, Prof. Holger Neumann, Prof. Gesche Joost, KM Steffen Herm


Sascha Huth (@actehuth) (@actetm)