Jasmin Erb

 ohne Titel  | 2021 | Ba Modedesign

 ohne Titel

For my final collection, I was exploring the subjectivity of “truth”. I consider garments to be facts.We are so extremely limited in the way we put on garments. We, mostly, wear fashion how it’s supposed to be worn. How it’s shown to be worn. We’re dressing ourselves in preconceived notions of the industry, namely the designers, makers, and stylists, conveyed by marketing and advertising.We do not really have a free choice when it comes to dressing ourselves.I used the concept of “cognitive dissonance” and the distortion of canonical representations as a design method to create my silhouettes. By using contradictory materials, silhouettes, and intents/purposes, I was able to achieve inconsistency within one garment. A garment that can be multiple different garments at the same time.A pocket could turn into an armhole.A top could be a skirt at the same time. But the hem of that skirt could also be the neckline of a jacket or coat.A hood could also be a decorative shoulder piece. And a mini dress can also be a shoulder bag.In my collection, I am leaving the decision-making to the consumer or the observer. I give examples, I give hints. By doing so, I’m qualifying and encouraging the consumer, to step away from the passive act of dressing themselves.The garments I created aren’t facts, they are fluid in their truth.Post-factual garments.

Created in consultation with: Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus  /  Gast Prof. Franziska Schreiber / Prof. Jozef Legrand / Dr. Renate Stauss



Jasmin Erb /  instagram jasmin_erb
Photos: Milena Rahmanzadeh / instagram milenazara
Video Louis Pawlik / instagram louis.cafoni cafoni_corner
Model: Mengxuan Sun / instagram sailormenx
Shoes: Jiman Jeong / instagram goodgman
Jewellery: Scout Kauffman / instagram scout_by_scout
Make-up & Hair: Jasmin Erb
Nail Artist: Camila Volbert / instagram nailsvoninge
Assistant: Tim Keuschnig
Sponsorship: KaiserBaby www.kaiserbaby.de