Christine, Tobias, Agnes, Moriel selected for German Design Graduates exhibition 2021

German Design Graduates is set up to offer visibility and networks to Graduates that come out of German
Design Education, via an annual museum exhibition, an award gala and network event. Next to it there are events and exhibitions during the year
In 2021 a total 177 graduates of 15 Design Schools send in their work that is visible on the GDG platform, an online database with all graduates the so called HALL OF FAME.
GDG is supported by a wide range of organisations from the professional design field: the ambassadors

For the annual exhibition at least 3 projects of all participating schools are picked by a Jury of 5 GDG ambassadors from the fields of Design Culture, Design Praxis, Design Presentations, Design Perspectives, Design Press

In 2021 the UdK exhibits are:
Die Werkelküche by Christine Oehme (BA)
Papilio by Tobias Trubenbacher (BA)
Das Tun an Sich by Agnes Kelm (BA)
Programmable Matter by Moriel Blau (MA)

Since 2020 was a special year, that did not allow a physical exhibition, the selected works of 2020 will also be on show in the double-expo 2020-2021 in Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin from 9 till 31 October