20-23 oct. 2021: Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

1: BA Film – 2: MA FILM – 3: full Program – 4: PHOTO IMPRESSIONS



Day 1
Station Area
• Visit: Eggshell ceramics, Museum of Endagered food
• Visit: DESIGN ACADEMY GRADUATION SHOW 2021, cum laude projects, study information talks
Cabinet of collaboration @fuutlaan hall:
Visit: Rick Tegelaar, Krane & Gille, Marjan van Aubel, SPACE 10, Thonik.
• Meeting: Mars Holwerda mobility designer and founder of Studio MOM, and Tom and Roos Meerman and Tom Kortbeek digital design researchers of Fillip Studios
Fuutlaan 14i
ENVISIONS, meeting with Sanne Schuurmans & Maya Leroy founder and participant of this designer collective
Fuutlaan 12b:
DUTCH INVERTUALS, meeting with curator and founder Wendy Plomp about this designer cooperation platform and upcoming exhibition in MAKK Köln.
Visit: Kazerne Awards for DAE alumni, Growth, Neo Stone Age, Social Label

Day 2
Strijp S
Things that Matter @Microlab hall:
• morning coffee with Ineke Hans and Circuform at REX
• visit Circulair WarenhuisDutch Design Awards and more
• HOW & WOW meeting Willemien Ippel, director of Crafts Council Nederland
about the cooperation with instagram initiative Basketclub
• meeting with DDW ambassador Christien Meindertsma at her expo sharing elements

Yksi Expo:
• Meeting with Leonne Cuppen, founder of Yksi and initiator of  the RETHINKING PLASTICS exhibitions
• Visit: Green culture club / What a waste / Sparkling Plastic/ Waste based glazed brick / Lilian van Daal / Why colors matter / Food Design Systems / WDCD – No Waste Challenge / and more
• Visit: The Embassy of Inclusive Society / Hara Hachi Bu Village by Arne Hendriks / Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building / Embassy of Health
• Meeting with Kees Brouwer of VPRO television who set up RE//ACTION against cheap production
• Visit Natlab: Smelling Spieces with Frank Bloem, Jelle Zandveld, Arne Hendriks, Thomas Thwaites and Extinction Claims by MediamaticKlokgebouw (the greater number):
• Visit: Labyrinth the Art of Changing Direction by DDW embassador Floris Alkemade / Maacq Oase / Its in our Nature
• Meet Jorn Konijn, curator and program leader of the Greater Number at DDW
• Visit the presentations of Dutch Design Academies / Embassy of Health / Embassy of Safety / Embassy of Mobility / Living and working from home / Embassy of food -Future of the Supermarket / Autonomous Tree by Krzysztof Wronski / Good Industrial Design Awards, Tangible Experiences by HTW Berlin
Strijp T + R
• Meeting: Raw Color to speak about their Temperature Textiles
At Piet Hein Eek:
Visit: shop, workshop, showroom, and various locations & designers
• Visit:  Rop van Mierlo, Studio Rens, Scheublin & Lindeman, Bricknic

Pizza at La vita è Bella, with with students & tutors from HTW Berlin, and Weissensee

Day 3
Sectie C:
• Visit o.a: Vantot, S.O.A.P. Sander Wassink, Plastic Fantastic
• Meeting: Deigo Faivre, Minute Manufacturing
• Meeting: product designer Maarten Baptist
Pennings Foundation:
• Meeting: Weissensee Berlin,  All Connected, Postgraduate projects  by Designfarm/Seekicks
• Meeting: Isola, only good news
• Visit Schellens fabriek: a.o. Isola talent factory, Sander Mulder
• Visit Van Abbemuseum: o.a. DAE geo design, 1 m collective
Van Abbehuis:
• Meeting: Steven Visser & Vera Meijwaard at their presentation CRAFTWORK in collaboration with the labels they work for
• Meeting: Rianne Makkink at the Waterschool
• Visit: the Linen Project / 15 years vij5 / AtelierNL

afternoon: free program
evening: meet up at Studio Ineke Hans in Arnhem, asian take -away and stay over

Day 4

Return to Berlin



Dutch Design Week Eindhoven



Design Academy Eindhoven ^

Day 2

above: REX by cicuform
below: Christien Meindertsma










above: Crafts Council Nederland x Basketclub
below: Rethinking Plastic at Yksi


above: Yksi – Rethinking Plastic

below: Johanna looking at the map







Studio Ineke Hans Arnhem:


Below: return to Berlin via Arnhem Central station