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This year, the annual fashion show from Berlin’s Universität der Künste took a different form. The 2019-2021 Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates from the Institute for Experimental Clothing and Textile Design showed their work in cooperation with the singing class of Prof. Deborah York of the UdK Berlin and zeitgebilde Filmproduktion UG in a performative screening in the concert hall of the University of the Arts Berlin.

The show featured the work of Katharina Achterkamp, Ronja Biggemann, Nina Birri, Johanna Braun, Alessandro Gentile, Jasmin Halama, Paula Keilholz, Manfred Elias Knorr, Louis Krüger, Lina Lau, Lisa Oberländer, Smed Wagner and Katharina Spitz.

Live music was performed by Clarissa Undritz, Yongbeom Kwon, Charlotte Kuhner, Eunsoo Lee, Anni Laukkannen, Max Hattwich, Constanze Chmiel, Henrike Wassermmeyer and Martin Knoerzer.

Music for the presentation’s film was made by Yongbeom Kwon, Walewein Witten and Xavier Durand.

Explore photos from the event.

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