BILLIEBEAN | Alina Seegert


a project that brings legumes closer to the consumer.
Eating legumes has an incredible number of benefits for our health and the environment. Their cultivation is also highly important for sustainable soil management and global food security. They have a small environmental footprint, increase carbon storage in the soil, and contribute their own nitrogen fertilizer, thus counteracting climate change. Through their diverse flowers, they counteract insect mortality. This design provides a modern communication and inspiration to include legumes more in our meals again and additionally it encourages to replace the occasional meat meal.

The supermarket display consists of two-sided fine corrugated board. The challenge was to generate the most plausible assembly method possible by folding and inserting only, since the entire product, the display including pulses, is to be delivered to the stores in a flat packs. In a single module is space for 30L leguminous. The package will be delivered on a standard EU pallet 120cm x 80cm.

To create more inspiration, simple generalized recipes are printed on the pillow boxes made of recycled paper, which serve as packaging to avoid all aluminum or plastic packaging. They are meant to encourage you to try your way through the different peas, beans and lentils, which is why the exact variety is not mentioned in the recipe.Together with the Leguminous herbs and spices are exhibited. The direct affiliation should be unmistakable as they can clearly contribute to digestibility. The supermarket display is intended in the vegetable section, because it is a basic food, with incredibly positive heal.

Alina Seegert, 7 Sem. WS2021/22 –