COMPAGNON | Jonas Fehrenbach & Marek Asamoah




Car Free Zones and Cycling paths as part of many cities‘ strategies and aspirations to support sustainable living are on the rise. At the same time the need for local food supply through supermarkets and grocery stores remains. Especially the demand for fresh and healthy food from local sources  – despite the trend of shopping groceries online – is growing.

The Bicycle as a medium of transport will become  more and more important for short and intermediate distances in urban areas.        Yet supermarkets are focusing on car-using-customer’s needs and growing supply of parking spaces but sooner or later alternatives have to be found to put  greener solutions into place.

Introducing Compagnon bike shopper,  it’s a return of a classic. The design is inspired from an old iconic shopping cart. However it is equipped with an additional suspension for the bike rack – A small detail with a high symbolic power, converting and combining classical shopping basket and a bike shopper. It is made from solid stainless steel wires, highly robust but lightweight at the same time. Compagnon is a ready to use and easy to handle, low price bike shopper available at the check out of local supermarkets.

It’s the  longlife alternative to familiar paper shopping bags, plastic bags or shopping boxes at the points of sale. Made to last and to reuse.

Jonas Fehrenbach, WS 2021/22 –
Marek Asamoah, WS 2021/22 –