Plastic for Eternity | Charlotte Marabito


Plastic for Eternity

Did you know that over 50% of all gravestones on German cemeteries come from Asia where they are often mined and processed under poor working conditions? We should not only be aware of the exploitation of labor and a big CO2 footprint when it comes time to choose a memorial due to the loss of a loved one. Choosing a gravestone means creating a personal place to remember and mourn. But what happens after 20 years when its lying has reached an end? Only a minority hold on to the stone, the rest gets disposed. In most cases the gravestones, with which we once chose to remember our loved ones, are turned into rubble. This degradation of a monument is contrary to the emotional value it was once imbued with, as well as to the value for material and labor that lies within. 

An ULTRASTONE® is a new generation gravestone. It is made of Ultrason®E, a durable mono-plastic that can be recycled at least 4 times without any loss of quality. This would correspond to 4 lifespans as a gravestone. Due to the sustainable 3D printing technology and digital craftsmanship, an individual design of the gravestone can be implemented locally, with almost no production waste of the valuable material.

ULTRASTONE® is a circular design concept that uses the property of plastics‘ long lifespan within a controlled and closed system and offers a contemporary perspective on remembrance.

Charlotte Marabito, MA, WS 2021/22 –