One Stool Material – Niklas Böll


The intention with One Stool One Material was to design one that was as low in complexity as possible for children, which is easy to understand, light and yet very robust. The material “Ultramid” presented by our cooperation partner offered the best prerequisites for this project. The granules processed under steam, which are very robust and yet extremely light, seemed particularly suitable for my application.

The result of my semester work is a height-adjustable stool that grows with the children and is easy to understand. The number of built-in parts is reduced to 2, which is particularly ideal for small children, as there are no small attachments such as screws, etc.

Based on this idea, the sibling bench was created, which is based on the same principle. It allows two children to sit at the same height despite different heights.


Niklas Böll, MA WS2021/222 –