You Can Make Me Smile – Johanna Karges

You Can Make Me Smile

The addition of pigments makes the recycling of plastics more difficult. Sorting by colour is very time-consuming and expensive at the moment. Therefore, different colours of plastic are recycled together, resulting in a brown color. This color is very unpopular with consumers. Using uncolored “natural” plastics would make the recycling process much easier and would enable a better circular economy. Since even undyed material becomes darker with each recycling process, it also wants to promote the use of brown recycled plastics. “You Can Make Me Smile” is playing with the value of a material.

You get more for your money if you decide to buy the
chair made out of recycled material, as in our society
freshly produced material has a higher price.

This project wants to point out to this topic.
We should ask ourselves which material actually has the higher value……

Johanna Karges, MA WS2021/22 –