96 – Lea Dekara & Karoline Heyde


96 is a chess game in which black and white aren’t opposed as usual, but round and edged pieces. Both sides have a different formal language and are nevertheless recognizable as belonging to each other. Thus, both sets have similar characteristics, such as the King’s crown and the Tower’s battlements. However, they are presented differently.
Also the playing field is not constructed as a closed surface, but is divided into seperate stones with a thickness of 10mm. Here the distinction is also not solved by colors, but the two formal languages are taken up again. The 25mm thick figures get their character by an optimal and material-saving use of the material. For example, King and Queen can be inserted into each other at their upper ends, so that no residual material is created. The first model made of polysterol gives a first glimpse of what the final design can look like in a 1:1 scale. The final prototype is to be made of solid wood, so that the figures are easy to handle with an optimal weight.
96 pieces that only play together.

Lea Dekara, 4. Sem SS2022

Karoline Heyde, 4. Sem SS2022