Anna & Marie receive Creative Prototyping Stipendium X Sustainability!


Founders: Anna Koppmann and Marie Radke

Mentor: Prof. Ineke Hans

funded by: Creative Prototyping x sustainability – the Berlin startup grant at the UdK Berlin

The Berlin Startup Scholarship is funded by the European Social Fund and the State of Berlin (Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Businesses), more info

The human brain decides within eight seconds whether to initiate first aid measures or not. In emergency situations, only every third accident victim in Germany receives first aid, which many people pay for with their lives every year. The greatest inhibitions when carrying out first aid measures are the fear of touching strangers, little knowledge about first aid in emergency situations and the associated lack of practice. The First Aid Gloves combine the basic protection of disposable medical gloves with helpful first aid instructions. They ensure patient and self-protection and, by overcoming inhibitions, promote willingness to provide first aid. The printed medical latex gloves use internationally understandable pictograms to create a safe and intuitive framework for dealing with a hectic emergency situation. On the left hand is a first aid checklist. The right glove is printed with instructions on how to perform chest compressions. The First Aid Gloves impress with their compact and wallet-friendly packaging and are therefore immediately ready for use.
The First Aid Gloves should help, give courage and ultimately save lives.