BALANCIN | Maria Paula Salamanca Millan


In the elaboration of BALANCÍN, the industrial cutting process of Nesting was taken into account, which automatically generated a simple trapezoidal geometry of its pieces and as a result a better accommodation of these within the plate layer (860-790mm) of the respective material (plate sperm wood) generating as well the least possible amount of waste of material. BALANCÍN is a children’s seesaw toy for children between 3 and 5 years old with an approximate size of 55cm high x45cm long, which can be assembled and disassembled without the need to use any kind of glue for the union of all its trapezoidal pieces that fit together through their respective incisions. This toy allows the child to swing from front to back by means of its geometry and the gripping or supporting limbs at the front top and bottom (such as the handlebars and footrest).

Maria Paula Salamanca Millan, 4. Sem SS2022