Kimia & Sany receive creative prototyping stipendium x sustainablity!

vorkoster / taster

Founders: Kimia Amir-Moazami and Sany Chea

Mentor: Prof. Ineke Hans

funded by: Creative Prototyping x sustainability – the Berlin startup grant at the UdK Berlin

The taster is a product that makes the deterioration of food visible in color. It is used as a lid for all sorts of containers in which food is stored. Its shape is a homage to the upside-down plate, which is often used to cover food. In the middle is a pH-sensitive film that reacts to the spoilage of protein-containing foods by changing color. The color of the lid shows us when the food should no longer be consumed or it reminds us unobtrusively and analogously to use the food in our refrigerator before it becomes inedible.

The Berlin Startup Scholarship is funded by the European Social Fund and the State of Berlin (Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Businesses), more info