plug&sit – Anton Oberlaender


A minimalist chair CNC machined from a sheet of plywood. This project faces two challenges: maximum material efficiency through an optimized arrangement of the individual parts during the milling process and the elimination of connecting elements such as screws, dowels or glue. The design is based on a simple plug connection. This means that it can be quickly disassembled into all the individual parts and also reassembled without any tools. The arrangement of the individual parts for the milling process was optimized for a set consisting of four chairs. These can thus be produced from one plate (2,440mm x 1220mm) with minimal waste.
The design’s upright yet comfortable seating position allows the chair to be used in the dining room as well as at a desk. Hard edges meet slightly rounded corners and give plug&sit a light, friendly look.

Anton Oberländer, 4. Sem SS2022