Potatoe bike

For this short project on Nesting, I was interested in an object that we all know: the draisienne for children. I find this object interesting with its round shapes that remind the world of play and childhood. I imagine that these shapes can be nested to lose as little material as possible during production. What I find interesting with this object is that there are already hundreds of them, it is not for me to draw or invent a new object but to find a virtuous solution for the production of an object that already has a limited life span. The shapes I designed for my bike fit together. For exemple the forks can fit into each other and the seat is placed in the center to lose as little material as possible. The different elements of the bike are like patterns with a repeating connection. The bikes are cut out of a sheet of plywood of 2.44 m by 1.44 m, 24 mm thick, and 6 bikes can be cut out of one sheet. The bike is transported flat, you assemble it yourself with bolts. It is very simple and can be done with the child for a playful moment. The size of the seat is adjustable to allow the child to enjoy this object longer even if he grows up!

Lila Guédi, Exchange Student SS2022