PIXEL CHAIR | Max Hausmann | MA 2023


PIXEL CHAIR is a script-based design of a customizable CNC-manufactured chair.
The first input parameters of the script are the basic dimensions and angles, which are gridded to fit the material thickness, which can also be set as an input parameter. The basic design is then translated into pixels with an underlying point grid. By selecting points of this grid with a brush tool, „pixels“ of the chair can be erased. At the same time, a pattern is recalculated and nested.
The script can be seen as a concept for a game/app in wich users can design their own chair in an augmented reality app and achieve a „nesting score“ by erasing pixels of the chair. The basic design of the chair fits on a quarter of an industrial 25mm fibreboard (105 cm x 144 cm). When you play the game and modify the chair, the freed-up space then unlocks bonus objects like a stool or a wardrobe.

Max Hausmann, Anp. Sem SS2022 –