FOREVER TRASH | Gabriel Knoop


People have always created things to perpetuate themselves and their culture. Buildings, monuments, statues, figures – carved, chiseled or pottered. They remind us of historical events, great rulers, rites or sanctuaries. Porcelain is a material that has always been used in this context, to create decorative, representative and symbolic objects. It is firmly rooted in many places of the world. whether in ancient China, ancient Greece, in aztec or old egyptian culture. FOREVER TRASH creates an analogy to this practice by staging trash objects made of porcelain as representative figures of our time. Whether we like it or not, what our generation will leave behind is clear: lots of trash. Packaging is quickly unpacked and thrown away. We devote only fractions of a second to this unpleasant topic. Yet garbage embodies many aspects of human activity: Consumption, capitalism, environmental exploitation and destruction, ignorance, megalomania … all this has to do with garbage. Our garbage will outlast the age of humanity and will probably leave traces on our planet forever.

That‘s why it represents us best.