Fragile | Fatma Cankaya


Away from acrylic nails towards luxurious porcelain accessories. A material study in which the difficulty lay in perceiving porcelain not only as a classic table decoration, but also as an accessory that adorns the body. Since nail studios use fast-hardening acrylic and can therefore glue anything to the nails, and have a wide range of design options, it does not mean that porcelain cannot implement the same properties. With the porcelain fingernails you don’t have to have your nails done again and again and there is no more wasting of materials, you put the nail on like a ring over your finger and the party can start.

As a statement and it-piece object, this unisex piece of jewelry beautifies everyone’s hands, regardless of age, figure or fashion style. The trend of styled nails is increasing, that’s why done nails symbolize a kind of freedom, self-confidence and the expression of one’s personality.

The porcelain nails are suitable for the evening of your life. Especially for special events like the „Met Gala“ in New York. The theme of any red carpet is to stand out and exude as much extravagance as possible.

In order to attract attention, nail designs have to be trumped again and again, and this is only possible up to a certain point. After that, it’s more about which materiality you can use to attract even more attention. Of course with fingernails made of porcelain.