SEX TALK | Emma Mende


With the project „sex talk“ I want to break the taboos and stigmas around the topic of female* masturbation. For this purpose, I have taken casts of famous sex toys that are mainly used by women* and made them in porcelain. To begin, I captured existing sex toys with the 3D scanner and then upscaled these files by twelve percent, as I had to account for the shrinkage of porcelain. After that, I 3D printed the files and then reworked them with spray putty to get rid of the grooves created by printing. After that, I was able to cast the objects in plaster, then cast them in porcelain. After drying, I manually engraved decorations into the porcelain based on traditional porcelain patterns. After the first firing, I was able to glaze the figures and then fire them a second time. In the final step, I repainted the details with gold glaze and fired a third time. I placed the resulting objects on matte black metal stands.

My project „sex talk“ is a new form of traditional conversation objects and should encourage to talk more about the topic of female* masturbation, as this is often concealed. Talking objects were around the seventeenth century and later traditional, mostly porcelain, figures that were placed on the table to start conversations about socially relevant topics. Exactly on this principle, „sex talk“ is also intended to encourage open and free conversation with guests, friends and strangers about this relevant topic. I want girls to no longer feel ashamed when they masturbate and women of all ages to be able to have an open conversation about masturbation without shame. After all, masturbation is not only healthy, but enormously beautiful and a big step towards sexual self-determination.