Police and I | Dennis Loebach

Police and I

Police Brutality is a very hard topic to talk about for many as it’s not an easy topic to digest.

The sculptures are meant to give that little push at dinner settings to open up for conversation. The best way to deal with trauma and or problems in general is opening conversation about it. This subject is very personal to me as I have lived through it and also during the make of the sculptures. Not only me but friends and family have gone through it too, as well as many others in this world. Having talked to many people about this theme I understood very quickly that many people, although very educated, still can’t fully grasp the concept and extent of racially motivated aggressions. Having dark skin raises the chance of dying through police Brutality by 3.5x compared to people with white skin. Which is an absurd markup and raises many questions who we should call when in danger because police kill.

The sculptures are hand modeled from clay, burned and weather using mixed media.