Excursion & Presentation MA projects at BASF Fabrikstag at Vitra Design Campus | SOSE 2022

After a successful presentation of the one material, one product projects at BASF in Ludwigshafen, BASF invited the MAster Produkt design students to their ‚Fabrikstag‘ at Vitra designcampus.The students and their projects were introduced to some of the most interesting industrial companies and were invited to take part in the Fabrikstag program all day.

We took the opportunity to combine the Fabrikstag also with some tours at the Vitra Campus, such as an architectural tour, a Vitra Factory tour (no photo’s ;-) and visit to Schaudepot.

Day 1: arrival, architectural tour & schaudepot

visiting Buckminsterfuller tent and see our projects being prepared for display (and getting nervous for tomororow)


Day 2: museum tour & BASF fabrikstag


BASF Fabrikstag in Buckminster Fuller dome, first check out our exhibits!

quick visit to Vitra Haus

Fabrikstag starts

intro into our projects for BASF

All projects presented to international audience of manufacturers and labs


Chilling with drinks and food after the official program

Day 3: factory tour (no images), some last impressions  & departure