trash&treasure | Clara Bageac | 2022



trash&treasure | Clara Bageac | 2022

“The thing things. In thinging, it stays earth and sky, divinities and mortals. Staying, the thing brings the four, in their remoteness, near to one another.” 

Science and rationality fail to grasp the thingness of things. In postmodern society things lose their inherent reality in human perception. 

Value is an attribute, given by people to things, in order to evaluate, categorize and rank the things. At the core, it is an intellectual method of defining a thing. It is a hyperreal concept. The value of a thing does not alter in any way the reality of the thing. 

Value does not exist.

The utility of a thing is also not real, because it is attributed based on the connection to humans. The utility of a thing reveals more about humans, than about the thing and it does not imply anything real about the thing. Only the thingness of the thing defines its existence.

What is the potential of each thing?

(Martin Heidegger, Poetry, Language, Thought, 1971, p.168)

Betreuer*innen : V. Schmidt-Thomsen, I. Harms, A. Börner 


Photography: Hyesoo Chung

Models: Anne Wencelides & Daniela Harsch 

Hair & Makeup: Kathrin Hieselmayr 

Nails: Camilla Volbert