Expansions | Yishai Kritzer




Since early days, man has tried to demarcate for himself a piece of the space under under something, in an attempt to create for himself and others a protected, understandable, shared-intimate area- a place for himself.

The research began searching for different tension structures from various disciplines – architecture, furniture, fashion, military, dance and more, in an attempt to design a new roof, that is capable of opening and closing, holding itself and the surrounding forces.
While researching, I saw that nature provides solutions of a completely different order than humans – massive and monolithic geological structures, stretching and climbing branches or alternatively, thin and flexible micro structures in leaves and animals, crafted to perfection through millions of years of evolution and iterations.

The Expansions project presents my attempt to take one principle from the plant world – the expansion of the margins in relation to the center of the surface, and translate it to the virtual realm. With the help of CAD modeling and node-based coding, I created a catalogue of objects that erect themselves, changing from simple 2D into a complex and constructive 3D shapes.

What can we do with such catalogue? We can look at the tests as they are, a pixelated and fascinating gif, we can translate them to textile, metal and concrete, or use them in new ways.
Those moments of digital tension and release are both a thin simulacrum of nature and at the same time new 3D entities of themselves which live in the new spaces that man is beginning to create around himself in our new, emerging virtual habitats, as a new exciting field of kinetic design.