the sock dispencer | Rachel Lyszyk


My very first notion was wanting to find a way to store clothes that didn’t require folding them. Whether it is hanging, rolling or any other innovative way- I knew I didn’t want to go for the a archityp. The model that started the whole process was born during team work. We constructed a wheel on which you can hang your clothes; with hanger, clothespins or just as it is. From then on, the Idea kept evolving, whist keeping the round shape and the spinning factor. Eventually the wheel-closet became a simple round compartment, with no shelves, no bars and no drawers.
I believe many people, just like myself, sometimes have trouble with picking what to wear In the morning. Sometimes you are just too tired, too distracted or are in a hurry. But what if you didn’t have to choose? What if someone could choose for you? I finally decided to design a closet made for socks – and potentially, any other form of clothing too – that would choose for you which Item you will wear. Simply spin the wheel, and I will spit out a random ball of socks.