U don’t Know – UdK students at DDW Eindhoven 2023

Dutch Design Week 21-29 OCTOBER 2023

Design Graduates of UdK Berlin present their work at Designperron in Eindhoven. Titled “U don’t Know”, seven students from different disciplines and backgrounds will showcase their visions for the future.

The exhibition features a variety of works, from objects and installations to interactive connections with nature to circulative concepts. Students address topics such as gender, the home, self-determination and future technologies.

“What awaits you at Fuutlaan 12?” “You don’t know,” said the collective, namely Janik Dietz, Cathy Wolter, Kim Kuhl, Seun Hwang, Lee Kern, Oskar Bigalke and Dominique Bertisch. “This exhibition is perhaps the most diverse of DDW23.
Come and experience how differently future scenarios can be thought of and designed when students from different backgrounds and realities of life are given the freedom to shape their personal visions.”

“We want to provoke visitors to think,” the students explain further. “We want to show them that there are many different ways to shape the future. We want to inspire them to take action themselves.”

Dare to judge, be direct, be curious, be interested but most important: be there!

The exhibition is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is free.

Design Perron
Fuutlaan 12,
5613 AB Eindhoven,

About DDW23:
DDW23 is the Dutch Design Week. It takes place in Eindhoven from October 21st to October 29th, 2023. DDW23 is a forum for design, architecture, art, and culture. It showcases current trends and developments in these areas.

About UdK:
Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK Berlin) is one of the world’s leading universities of the arts. Its Product Design Faculty is known for its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to design education.
The Design Faculty at UdK Berlin is at the forefront of design education and research. It is a place where students can learn from and collaborate with the best in the field, and where they can develop the skills and knowledge they need to create the products of the future.

About the graduates:
The exhibitors all show the project they graduated with in the last year. This means the audience gets to see a broad variety of contemporary and creative output that can emerge in a hands-on study field, while trained at an arts university.

About  the Location & the Events
During the Dutch Design Week Design Perron is open and showcase international graduation projects of 2023!
There will also be many events, for example the opening party (23. Oct, 17.00h) and a Design dinner (24. Oct, 18.00h) with “U don’t Know” participant Cathy Wolter and UdK Professor and Designer Ineke Hans.

Janik Dietz, Cathy Wolter, Kim Kuhl, Seun Hwang, Lee Kern, Oskar Bigalke and Dominique Bertisch

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