2 May: Online artist talk – Jordan Cunliffe

Open online artist talk
As part of the seminar ’stitch data‘

Jordan Cunliffe

2 May 2024, 16:00

Jordan is an embroidery artist who specialises in data visualisation in her stitch. She takes experiences, memories and stories from her own life and encodes them into stitches to maintain anonymity. Her work has a focus on the ‘everyday’ celebrating life’s smaller, quieter moments and documenting them in her stitch archive. Her work uses large amounts of small scale hand embroidery stitches which allows for a meditative and soothing practice. Each piece requires hours upon hours of sewing which is the perfect time for reflection and relaxation.

Jordan will present her own work and that of other artists from her book “Record, Map and Capture in Textile Art: Data visualization in cloth and stitch” (2022).

JOIN ON WEBEX  at https://udk-berlin.webex.com/meet/b.greinke