ALL PARTS APART | Masterarbeit 2023

ALL PARTS APART is a graduation project that simplifies the design process and promotes local, sustainable manufacturing. Through a transparent, collaborative model, it provides an opportunity for users to create their own furniture and designers to share their work with a larger community.
ALL PARTS APART is dedicated to shifting our approach to design, manufacturing, and consumption, nurturing a circular economy and a sustainable future. In this digital age, the project transforms physical objects into manufacturable data, making the production process globally scalable yet locally executable. It leans into a future landscape characterized by localized and automated manufacturing systems. This „glocalized“ approach ensures that while designs can be universally accessed, the actual production can be localized, minimizing the environmental footprint from shipping and storage.
The heart of ALL PARTS APART is an in-depth exploration into the possibilities offered by sheet metal cloud manufacturing for designers and end-users alike. It aims to discern the range of objects and platforms that could be developed either for opensource distribution or as viable business models

Further extending its reach and impact, a project website was developed and launched. This digital platform serves multiple functions: it showcases the key findings of the project, provides valuable advice for designers, and openly releases manufacturing and configurator files for objects created during the project.


Betreut durch: Prof. Ineke Hans, WM Julian Ribler, KM Maciej Chmara