Cafeteria | SoSe 2018

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Free project 6. Sem
numerus fixus

Prof. Ineke Hans

Participants: Sarah Sekles, Bastian Thürich, Kimia Amir-Moazami, Ayosha Kortlang, Tillman Vanhöf

In the Summer Semester 5 students – who send in their proposals to Prof. Jozef Legrand’s Cafeteria competition in February – worked out their ideas for the student Cafeteria in the UdK Design building at Strasse des 17. Juni.

The emphasis was on new furniture items, how to intervene in the existing interior, and the interaction between people and functions in the current space. All within a certain budget and materialised so it can last.
As prelude case study-visits were advised during Salone in Milano. During the project an cycle trip along flexible work and lounge spaces in Berlin was made.