Cultural Production | MA – WISE 2018/19

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MA 2018/19 Interculturality
Workshop kick off: 14 November

Prof. Ineke Hans

Excursion Skopje:
16-23 November


Philipp Hainke, Joana Schmitz, Felix Yarwood, Wen-Hsin Tu, Abigail Wheeler, Marizon Bilano


INTERCULTURALITY: the coexistence of different cultures that influence each other without the disappearance or loss of their own culture, habits and heritage.

Concerning design and production methods… can industrial production and craft influence each other without loss of heritage?

For this short project we will travel for a week to Skopje, Macedonia. We visit industrial factories and local crafts people that master skills that might get extinct. Can two production cultures learn from each other?
We will work for a number of days with the craftsmen and present the outcomes at Skopje Design Week 2018.
The costs for travel and stay are covered by the organisation via the German Embassy.