What was better in the old days!? | WiSe 2019/2020

Short info project 
for BA 3. Semester, 5+. Semester and MA Anpassungstudium

What was better in the old days!?
We compare products and production processes of objects during their last 20, 30, 50 years. What are the developments and how do they affect the assembly, repairability and the lifespan of a product. The research will allow better understanding of the technology behind products, and its impact on the longevity of the objects you design.

But… What could be the next step? Propose also a concept / principle / design for that step.

4 – 5 Nov: project with Maciej Chmara
5 Nov. 16.00: presentation to Maciej Chmara & Ineke Hans
10 Nov. 18.00: handing in photos & film (as part of inform & research block)