Fynn Freyschmidt

On Air | 2014 | Diplomarbeit Produktdesign

Air is a very interesting »material«: It is everywhere, highly ecological and it keeps us alive. In my diploma I developed a new pneumatic-contractile textile: The »pneumatic knit«. If it gets inflated, it loops compress until the structure completely cures. I used this material to create CHAPEAU! and KNITSHELL, a new option of bicyclist head protection, which can be deflated for easy transportation when not in use.


The second application of the material is »the pneumatic connector«. It enables the user to connect different materials by just sticking them through the loops and setting the connector under pressure. Instant structures like wardrobes or shelters can be built spontaneously. A tool for creativity. Since it is deflateable the connector is reversible and ready to create the next object in




> PROF Axel Kufus | PROF Robert Scheipner | KM Christian Zöllner | KM Hanna Wiesener