BASF Project


One material, one product 

Project days:
Mondays, room 204
Compulsory for MA 2021/22

Prof. Ineke Hans
KM Maciej Chmara
Prof. Holger Neumann

Cooperation with:
BASF creation centre
BASF designfabrik

Nowadays many end products are made from a combination of different plastic groups. This often improves the performance of the goods, but makes recycling difficult or impossible.
Which products, that are now made of different materials, can be made from one material or… can you come up with alternatives and new product typologies from one material?

You can pick a material group from the  BASF plastic families that are presented at the BASF Creation Center and design a product that is relevant.
Presentable prototypes should be ready by mid January. The aim is to present these with BASF at a fair in 2022.


12-14 October: Kickoff at BASF Ludwigshafen
7 December: Interim presentation in Berlin
18 January: End presentation at BASF in Ludwigshafen