Glass: Oscar winning film by Bert Haanstra (NL) 1958

SUmmer SEMESTER 2018

4/6. Semester
For 7-12 students also open for MA ‚Anpassungsstudium‘
(max. 7 students for Meisenthal (Fr) and London / max. 5 extra for Berlin Glass and part 3)

Strasse der 17. Juni 118
Room 202/203
Info: 6 April 18.00
Kick-off: 23 April: 15.00

Prof. Ineke Hans
LB / workshop: Jochen Holz
LB / visiting tutor: Mathias Hahn

Student assistant:
Anna Koppmann

Ineke will not be in Berlin for the Projektbörse on Monday 16.4 and some students might be in Milan that day.
Because it is important to register everyone for the excursies before 16.4 there will be an info meeting on Friday 6 April at 18.00.
You can also apply for the course by email before 16.4.

For this project students will have to pay a financial contribution next to travels and stay. Please inform about this before 16.4.
(students who will miss more than two meetings will not be able to procede and not get their contribution back)

During this semester we will discover and celebrate glass in all its aspects: from glassblowing and lampworking to disforming glass.

The project will start with some material introducties and visits. Based on these discoveries you will design and make glass objects that celebrate: that evoke happines, that jubilate, that commemorate special moments, honor peculiar uses, specific functions, or just revel the experiment.

Along the way we will meet up and exchange with students and professors of HBK Saarbrücken and Prague for talks and workshops and present the results of our the communal workshop at Designblok 2018 in Prague to celebrate Designblok’s 20th anniversary.

PART 1 prologue
(23 April – 1 May)
23 April 15.00: meeting room 202
• 24 April 10.00: Berlin Glas workshop intro glassblowing 
• 30 April-1 May: excursion to London including:
– workshop lampworking (borosilicate) at Studio Jochen Holz
– gallery & glass visits and meetings (Riya Patel, curator at Aram Gallery / Reino Liefkens, head curator of glass & ceramics V&A Museum / Angel Monzoon, director of Vessel Gallery)

PART 2 pre-Meisenthal (2 May – 1 June)
• preparing for workshop with HBK Saar
• tutorials with 
Mathias Hahn
• 28 May -1 June: joint workshop at 
Meisenthal (France) with students from Saarbrücken & prof. Mark Braun

PART 3 post-Meisenthal (4 June – 19 July)
elaborations on Meisenthal projects
• experimenting with other glas techniques with Mathias Hahn
• 14 June: Mathias Hahn talks at Design Transfer
presentation of projects at Design Transfer Berlin

PART 4 epilogue (24 – 29 October)
• trip to Prague including:
– visit to Czech glass workshops (Nový Bor)
– presenting Meisenthal projects at
 Designblok 18 
– visit to 
Glassstudio at UPRUM/AAAD (Academy of Arts Architecture & Design) and meet & greet with prof. Rony Plesl and his students