– max 18 students
– 3. / 5+ sem. & MA anp. studium
– Mondays & Tuesdays
– Rooms 202/203

– Prof. Ineke Hans
– KM Maciej Chmara
– LB Vlasta Kubuskova

– 17 Okt 12.30-13.30: extra info
– 18 Okt 10.00: kick off
– final presentation incl. talks in Temporary Bauhaus Archiv Berlin

if you like to join you can mail:

11 October:
The full WDCD design brief is online HERE 
+ a first newsletter with even more info’s HERE
+ find WDCD tips for Dutch Design Week HERE

Design & Social Context project related to WHAT DESIGN CAN DO and its:

Circular Design Challenge

Focus of this wintersemester:
• eliminating waste and pollution
• the circulation of technical and biological materials and products
• creating loops and impact

This October, WDCD (What Design Can Do) launches the Circular Design Challenge, a global design competition in search of creative responses to this very question:
How can we make a circular future not just accessible, but also attractive to people from all walks of life?

You design an object, a material or a method that supports that question.
At the end of the project you should be able to point out:
– What is the technical and the biological material in my project and what can be recycled?
– For the technical material: what part can be repaired, remanufactured or shared?
– For the biological material: what parts can be biodegraded, regenerated or kept in the loop?
– What is the (new) system and context to implement my project?

The challenge detects five area’s for circular living, 1: what we eat 2: what we wear 3: what we buy 4: how we package 5: how we build. In January you will send in your digital project proposal for WDCD’s Circular Design Challenge:

We present the tangible projects in the Temporary Bauhaus Archiv Berlin and organize an evening symposium on 31 January.

! ! ! for this course a personal 3 day visit to Dutch Design Week is recommended on 22, 23, 24 and/or 25 OCtOBER ! ! !

• please note that Design & Social Impact will NOT organize a meet & greet program this year. This is only taken care of every 2 years (it is a lot of work). You will have to organize yourself, however… there will be some hot tips.

• Dutch Design Week takes place from 22 till 30 October, it has no day tickets but only tickets valid for the whole week. You need at least 2 days, most locations are open daily from 11:00 – 18:00. 

• if you like to go, you can mail:  to get on the list for a cheaper ticket that we order for a group, you can get on that list till 18 oct. You have to organize travel and stay yourself.

• if you are in other design courses you can also apply for the group ticket, but only visit in the weekends (22/23 & 29/30 October) or on days that you have no other courses.