COLOR (short project)

für alle Studierende ab dem 4. Semester und Anpassungsstudierende aus dem Master unabhängig davon welches Hauptprojekt gewählt wurde.

Di. 19.04.22 / 13:00 Uhr / Raum 117
Präsentation: 26.04.22

M.A. Annika Unger
M.A. Anja Lapatsch
Dipl. Des. Tomislav Topic

Foto @Tomislav Topic

„Blue, blue electric blue / That’s the colour of my room / Where I will live.”
David Bowie, Sound And Vision, 1977



Farben sind seit jeher mit bestimmten Konnotationen behaftet. In der Kunst und im Design wurden bestimmte Pigmente als luxuriös oder alltäglich – für die Elite oder für die Massen bestimmt. Die Formel war einfach: Je seltener eine Farbe und je mühsamer ihre Beschaffung, desto höher ihr Wert. Aber wie können wir heute, wo jeder Farbton digital oder chemisch synthetisiert werden kann, Farben Bedeutung und Wert zuschreiben?

Zwischen Theorie und Praxis, Pigment und Pixel, analogen Räumen und virtuellen Welten werden wir in diesem Kurzzeitprojekt gemeinsam mit dem Künstler und Farbgestalter Tomislav Topic die Beziehung zwischen Form, Volumen, Material und Farbe erforschen.



Photo: Michael Sebastian Haas

The artist Tomislav Topic, born in Hannover in 1985 and living in Berlin, has created a stylistically unique and unmistakable oeuvre over the course of his career. As part of Quintessenz and as a solo artist, he has been able to realise numerous installations and murals in public spaces worldwide.
Tomislav Topic’s murals go beyond the boundaries of the genre of painting and prove that his abstract non-representational style works exceptionally well both in small gallery format and on monumental walls. Based on his studies at the University of applied science and art in Hildesheim, he has both a background in the academic art world and in urban art. He confidently formulates his own artistic point of view, which seeks to unite and transcend these classical categories and sees his artistic work primarily as work on our environment.
He has been a lecturer at the university in Hildesheim and other educational institutions. Topic is known for his colourful, site-specific art installations, in which he knows how to reduce his work to the actual essence of art itself: colour and form. Colour and form are elevated to the sole and primary content of his art. His abstract works and the fundamental focus on colour and form allow him to create universally understandable installations, that enable the viewer to experience art in a true and direct way. In Topic’s work, the uplifting power of beauty and the logic of science enter into a symbiosis, which challenges us to perceive the environment with expanded senses. Whether painting or installation, his art has the ability to resonate worldwide as an internationally valid form of expression and also to unite people of very different cultures in art.
For more than a decade, Topic’s artistic work has been increasingly gaining international recognition. He is regularly invited to festivals, exhibitions and artist residencies in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece, Mauritius, Qatar, the USA and China.