Designproject for:

4.-5+. Sem. , max 7 students

Language: German & English

Prof. Ineke Hans
LB / workshop: Jochen Holz

Included talks & conversations:
• Jochen Holz (London)
• Mathias Hahn (London)
prof. Mark Braun (HBK Saar)

Compulsory Excursions:
• 29/30 April London: studio Jochen Holz + glass visits and meetings,
a.o: V&A Glass Galleries & Vessel
• 6 May Berlin: glass intro at Berlin Glas
• 3-7 June France: workshop week at CIAV-Meisenthal
• 2-6 Oct. Czech Republik: a presentation at Designblok Prague  2024


a glass project in cooperation with HBK-Saar(brücken) and Prof. Mark Braun at CIAV Meisenthal (France)

During this semester we will discover glass in all its aspects: from glassblowing in moulds to forming borosilicate glass by torch. The project starts with introductory workshops and visits in London and Berlin and ends with an exhibition at the 26th Designblok in Prague.

The theme of the project is: CONTAIN!
Based on your first discoveries you will play and experiment with moulds and design and make glass objects that fit to this theme.
This can be In the widest sense of the word: for instance, relating to containers (for food or stuff, or thoughts?), or relate to content or inclusion. The project can honor peculiar uses, specific functions, or simply be delight-inducing and beautiful!
Please note: The project is limited to max 7 students.
Send an email to if you like to join!

PART 1 intro (29 April – 13 May)
• 29/30 April: excursion to London including:
– borosilicate workshop at Studio Jochen Holz
– gallery & glass visits and meetings (V&A Museum , Galleries, designers)
• 6/13 May 10.00: Berlin Glas e.v. workshop intro glassblowing

PART 2 pre-Meisenthal (6 May – 1 June)
• preparing for workshop with HBK Saar
• talks from and tutorials with visiting lecturers
• 3 -7 June: joint workshop at CIAV-Meisenthal (France) with students from Saarbrücken & prof. Mark Braun

PART 3 post-Meisenthal (7 June – 15 July)
• finishing Meisenthal projects
• experiment with borosilicate techniques at TU-Berlin, online tutorials with Jochen Holz
• 15 or 16 July: final presentation of all projects
• 19-21 July: Rundgang

PART 4 epilogue (15 juli upto 2 – 6 October)
• prepare exhibition Prague
• presentation of Meisenthal projects at Designblok 2024

„Glas“: Oscar winning film by Bert Haanstra (NL) 1958