Designmethoden: Virtual Colloquium – Digital Colonialism

Digital Colonialism — the Dark Side of Fortschritt

In this colloquium, we will explore procedures of data extraction, neo-colonialism and power struggles related to the digital Fortschritt. Scholars, artists and activists are invited to engage in the discourse on the material side of the cloud, on invisible labor, and the re-invention of colonial practices towards the global south. 

We will visit the exhibition „Poetics of Encryption“ in the KW Berlin, hear different, international speakers with their views and insights, and engage in our own practical experiments.

Co-chairs: Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost and Žarko Dumičić
Start date:
25.04.2024 on Zoom
Time: 09:30 – 11:00 a.m. (CEST/MESZ) on Thursdays
Venue: Zoom (online classes) & Berlin Open Lab at UdK (physical classes)


If you would like to join the class, please send an email to Žarko Dumičić (Zarko Dumicic) at with your name, matriculation number, as well as your study program and semester.

Details of the Virtual Colloquium Format:

As part of the Virtual Colloquium, we invite international speakers from the fields of design, art, activism and science to explore together a respective semester topic. Typically, the guest are asked to prepare a lecture connected to the semester’s theme. Following the lecture, which can also contain interactive elements, we continue with a discussion and Q&A with the students.

Each session is then reflected upon by a group of students, with them presenting their reflections at the beginning of the next session. Since the format is communicated openly, in addition to the students, guests and other interested parties are also part of the colloquium.

The Virtual Colloquium this semester will be organized in a hybrid mode – in addition to online lectures on Zoom, it will also include practical design work as part of physical classes at the Berlin Open Lab on the UdK Einsteinufer campus in Berlin, with students developing their own designs and prototypes that reflect on semester themes.