Kompaktkurs I The Politics of Objects / Michelle Christensen / Florian Conradi


Do objects have politics? Perhaps in the way that they are viewed, or used, or in the way that they go beyond what we intend with them to become political in their own right? How do they attempt to convince us with their ideologies and agendas? When do things create alliances, form cartels, and emerge in a sphere of politics parallel to ours?

In this one-week seminar, we will carry out a series of methodological experiments, from interviewing oneself to interviewing things. We will draw on literature from the intersection of sociology and design, discover real-world examples on the topic, shadow the politics of our own personal things, and finally we will design prototypes of objects that are differently political in the world.

23.02.-27.02.2015  I  10 -16 Uhr  I  Straße des 17. Juni 118  I  Raum 207

Sprache: Deutsch / English
Teilnehmer: 15
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Dozent/innen: Michelle Christensen / Florian Conradi