LUX (live)

BA ab 5. Semester

Max. 5 Studierende,
Präsenz & Online

Strasse des 17. Juni 118
Start: 21.04.2021
Ende: 07.07.2021
Mittwochs 14:00 – 20:00 (Terminliste auf Moodle)

Prof. Dr. Berit Greinke
Barbro Scholz / HAW

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Sewing an LED onto a fabric swatch is the ‘Hello World’ of electronic textiles. When starting to learn about interactive materials, programmable light is commonly used to introduce technical principles and conceptual possibilities of soft and wearable circuitry. However, adding light to textiles and garments quickly raises critical questions about meaningfulness and materiality. How does an illuminated body intervene in its agency, and how does this change with different geographical and social settings? In what ways does designing with a “matter of flux” (Ingold, 2017) change the way we engage with materials on the body? How can wearable light be designed environmentally sustainable, and how can we critically address concerns on illuminated wearable technology?

Participants will receive introductions to basic light programming, electronic textiles, and smocking to create three-dimensional dynamics. We will focus on the materiality of embedded light, both in terms of substrate material and structures, and how light is affected by colour and shape of textiles. Our approach will be hands-on, exploring aesthetics and function through materials and critical crafting.

The seminar is aimed at fashion design students who are interested and have experience in textile techniques, while being curious about creative digital technology and art/tech interdisciplinary inquiry. MA ‘Design & Computation’ students with an interest in electronic textiles are also invited to join.

No previous knowledge in electronics and programming required, but commitment and self-motivated learning is crucial.

KICK-OFF 21 April 14:00 – 16:30, with online Symposium ‚Light, Textile and Colour Matter‘ with talks by Barbro ScholzSandra De BerduccyAlex Börner and Sara Robertson, and subsequent panel discussion. Joined by RCA’s MA Textiles / Soft Systems students.


Teaching in English and German.

Costs & other information: 5€ for electronics starter kit (25€ if you want to keep the Arduino microcontroller)


Photo: Photo: Explorer’s Light, Mojave Desert. Barbro Scholz, 2019