Compulsory (pflicht) for MA modul 2 Product Design
Tuesday afternoons (some exceptions)

16 April, room 204

KM Maciej Chmara
(Prof. Ineke Hans)

In weekly colloquia additional content towards various post-graduate praxis scenarios will be conveyed and plans will be made for the MA graduation show at the end of September.

We visit young studios in Berlin, look at different design perspectives and give an idea of how design life can continue after graduation.
You are also planning your graduationshow and a special event.

In wöchentlichen Kolloquien werden zusätzliche Inhalte zu verschiedenen postgradualen Praxisszenarien vermittelt und die MA-Abschlusspräsentation Ende September geplant.

Wir besuchen junge Studios in Berlin, schauen uns unterschiedliche Designperspektiven an und geben einen Eindruck, wie das Designleben nach dem Studium weitergehen kann.
Auch die Abschlussshow und ein besonderes Event werden geplant.


(updates coming)

16.04. 2pm, online conversation with Fiona Raby (Dunne & Raby), meeting in 204 – please prepare questions on scenario building.

23.04. 3pm, Meeting on how, what and where MA exhibition – internal group meeting, please report options

30.04. 3pm, group work on how, what, and where MA exhibition – internal group meeting, please send a concrete idea / concept

07.05. 1-6pm, BOL Symposium  (Hybrid Plattform), sustainable futures – please prepare questions for the green AI Hub

14.05. 3pm, visiting Re:Future Lab Berlin plus conversation with  Madelaine Schwinge – please prepare questions

21.05. 3pm, Studio visit Wintdesignlab at Tegel Airport

30.05. Fungal Mycelium Symposium Kunstgewerbemuseum

04.06. Studio visit (place t.b.c.)

11.06. whole day trip, WasserSchule in Hubertusburg, conversation with Tomas Geisler, director of Design Campus on Curating, exhibition making and directing design.

18.06. Weizenbaum Konferenz: Digitalität und Gesellschaft, prepare questions on the role of physical in times of digital

25.06. press meeting, (place t.b.c.)

02.07. Matters of Activity (place t.b.c.)

09.07. Studio visit (place t.b.c.)

16.07. Preparing Rundgang (campaign & posters for MA expo ready)

17.07. Pecha Kucha: present the status quo of the MA Projects in the intern IPP-rundgang