Teaching staff:

Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus

KM Alexandra Börner

KM Magdalena Kohler

For: 4th semester Entwurfsprojekt 90504
5th semester Entwurfsprojekt 90901; Projektschwerpunkt 9090202
6th semester Entwurfsprojekt 90904; Projektschwerpunkt 9090502

Room: 409,411,412

Consultation: Monday & Tuesday 10-17am

Project start: 19th October 10.00am Aula

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Some of us do, some of us don´t (believe in an afterlife), but all of us should
consider and think about the afterlife of products (garments, accessories, materials…)
that we as designers create or use.
This semester we will focus on designing a product’s afterlife during or even before
designing the actual product. What purpose will it have after it has been loved, worn or just
become unfashionable. How can it be designed, assembled and finished in order to be
reassembled again? How should it been handled and maintained, to serve both lives? How
can seams, knit, and embellishment be undone and redone to form new garments and
products? How can a pattern be more than just a pattern?
How can a soul of a product find another body?

You will be working in teams of two students, one from the 3 rd semester and one from the
4 th , 5 th or 6 th semester. Teams are put together randomly.