Post Protocol

Transdisciplinary Master-Colloquium (Studium Generale)
Supervision: Lukas Feireiss
Language: German/English

Fridays, 2-6 PM, bi-weekly,
starting 5.11.2021
the colloquium is planned in presence, room: t.b.c.

Registration by email to: until 31.10.2021 at the latest (limited number of places, 2 SWS)

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The POST PROTOCOL colloquium and accompanying lecture series JUXTAPOSTIONS promote an open dialogue between diverse worlds of knowledge and experience in contemporary cultural production.The colloquium offers a space for intense reflection, debate and experimentation in a cooperative co-learning environment to selected graduate students. It aims in particular at advanced students who combine perspectives and methodologies from different disciplines in their current artistic or design practice (master’s project or similar). Special attention is paid to artistic approaches that use digital technologies in novel and innovative ways. With this colloquium Guest Professor Lukas Feireiss pilots new formats for transdisciplinary project supervision beyond protocol at the University of Arts Berlin.

Das Kolloquium “POST PROTOCOL” eröffnet ausgewählten Masterstudierenden und fortgeschrittenen Studierenden aus Absolventenstudiengängen einen transdisziplinären Präsentations- und Reflexionsraum. Zum Kolloquium eingeladen werden fortgeschrittene Studierende, die Perspektiven, Denkansätze und Herangehensweisen verschiedener Disziplinen in ihrem jeweils aktuellen künstlerischen oder gestalterischen Vorhaben (Masterprojekt o.Ä.) miteinander auf überraschender Weise verbinden und dazu digitale Technologien innovativ einsetzen. Das Kolloquium versteht sich als Präsentations-, Reflexions- und Diskussionsraum, in dem Konzepte und experimentelle Versuchsanordnungen ebenso eingebracht werden können, wie (beinahe) abgeschossene Projektergebnisse. Gastprofessor Lukas Feireiss erprobt mit dem Kolloquium neue Formate der transdisziplinären Projektsupervision an der UdK Berlin.

Lukas Feireiss works as curator, author and educator in the international mediation of contemporary cultural reflexivity beyond disciplinary boundaries. He attained his graduate education in Comparative Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethnology in Berlin and Rome. Feireiss is author and editor of numerous books, and curator of manifold exhibitions in the field of art, architecture and design in theory and practice. He has lectured and taught at various universities worldwide. At the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam he developed and directed the temporary Master of Fine Arts and Design program Radical Cut-Up, that examined the cut-up and collage as a contemporary mode of creativity and dominant global model of cultural production today. More information on