BA ab 5. Semester

Max. 6 Studierende

Strasse des 17. Juni 118
Start: 26.10.2023
Ende: 15.02.2024
Donnerstags 14:00 – 18:00

Prof. Dr. Berit Greinke
Dorothee Warning

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Embroidery has a rich history which, in different forms, has existed as long as the making of textiles. Bridging the functional and the decorative, hand embroidery only requires the most essential of tools and materials, i.e. a needle, a thread, and a fabric to stitch on. In recent years, embroidery has also been explored by designers and researchers for the prototyping of soft electronic circuits. Here, old crafts meet new computational practice to speculate about alternative narratives of technology.

In this seminar, we will bring together old and new techniques of embroidery with sound-making integrated circuit (IC) chips. You will receive introductions to electronic textile sensing and ICs to create sound and interactive embroidery. On the basis of a historical embroidery technique of your choice, we will then explore logic and noise patterns in a series of embroidery samples.

Our approach will be hands-on, exploring aesthetics and function through materials and critical crafting.

The seminar is aimed at BA students who are interested in textile crafts, while being curious about art-tech interdisciplinary inquiry. No previous knowledge in electronics required, but commitment and self-motivated learning is crucial.

Seminar outputs:

You are expected to produce a series of noise-making embroidery samples, and a suitable display for these. The second output is a documentation in the form of a process diary, including embroidery research, technical and design research, notes, material swatches, sketches, and circuitry.

The final presentation will take place on 15.02.2024. Submission of the documentaries are due on 15.03.2024.