Smart Materials & Digital Processes for Wearable Technology

Metatextiles, 2017. Photo: Richard Kelly.

Wintersemester 2018/2019

Technologie 5./6. Semester 

Strasse des 17. Juni 118
Raum 208

Info: Fr 10-13 Uhr
Start: 26.10.2018


JunProf. Dr. Berit Greinke


This seminar provides an introduction to topics in experimental Wearable Technology and Electronic Textiles.
With the aim of contextualising your work within a broad creative field, sessions on the themes ‘materials’, ‘data’, ‘crafts’ and ‘digital processing’ will explore the central ideas of this multi-disciplinary field and its application in design and arts practice.

The process of orientation will be supported by hands-on interventions, field trips and guest lectures, to investigate a range of material-based and interdisciplinary approaches.

The seminar will be held in English.
Students will work independently on a sketchbook and a written assignment (in German or English).


  • 26.10.18 – Smart Materials & Digital Processes: Introduction
  • 02.11.18 – Electric Dress: Artistic interventions in Wearable Technology
  • 09.11.18 – Conductive: Materials I
  • 16.11.18 – Data: Materials II (Guest lecturer: Dr Julie Freeman)
  • 23.11.18 – Performative: Materials III
  • 30.11.18 – Wisdom in the Wool: Digital Crafts
  • 07.12.18 – We are open: Open Source & Knowledge Sharing (Field trip)
  • 14.12.18 – Fashionable Protest: Wearable Technology for Activism and Social Justice
  • 18.01.19 – Digital Fabrication: Introduction to Non-Industrial Digital Textile and Garment Construction
  • 25.01.19 – Soft Hardware: Wearable Technology and Electronic Engineering
  • 01.02.19 – Borg Lab: Human-Computer-Interaction
  • 08.02.19 – The Worst of Both Worlds: Sustainability in Wearable Technology
  • 15.02.19 – Sampling: e-Textiles and Sound (Guest lecturer)

Seminar aims

  • To enable you to situate your critical and reflective thinking about wearable technology and digital processes in a contemporary and historical context; 
  • To provide you with a range of techniques and research topics relevant to investigate wearable technology within your practice;
  • To develop your ability to take an international perspective with a critical awareness of current issues and developments in wearable technology.

Learning outcomes

Being able to:

  • identify and research a specific historical or contemporary theme related to wearable technology;
  • identify and research materials, tools and methods to design electronic textiles and textile wearable technology, applied to experimental fashion / textiles / product design;
  • critically analyse concepts and practice of electronic textiles and wearable technology related to artistic practice, crafts and design.