Master-Atelier in Mode & Design.
Betreuung der Masterarbeit.
Mo, Di nach Vereinbarung

Master-Kolloquium Di 16-18h, 14-tägig
Start: 18.4. 2017 um 16h in Raum 204

Prof. Wowo Kraus
Prof. Axel Kufus
Prof. Burkhard Schmitz
KM Hanna Wiesener
KM Lars Paschke
KM Johanna Schmeer

Where are we now? — Critical design

practice and authorship today

Work in Progress
Master Jahrgang 2016/2017

Individual and science transcend community and religion. Artists emancipate themselves. From now on their work carries their name. Virtuosos are named geniuses, so are the romantics.
Serial production gives birth to the designer. Design in turn elevates itself to become a critical-speculative discipline. And again there is the name. Just like composers of text we call them authors. Behind those names stands independent praxis. From the late Middle Ages until yesterday. But where are we now? What are contemporary approaches to authorship? With this proposal the University of the Arts Berlin dedicates itself to one of the core terms of its curriculum – authorship – and will discuss it critically within the framework of its design master program. Terminology. Interaction. Economics. Power. Shall be themes.
Our questions:
What is appropriation, original, copy?
Where is knowledge, technology, where ownership?
Who knows the names of the ghost-writers?
Author, actor or agent?
Autonomous design? Applied arts?

Are negotiation and intervention already practice?Shaping/Modifying/?
How deep is your design?
How dependent are we? from doctrines, inspiration, history, economic political systems?
Are we the market?
What is property? Name? Where do we come from?What politics do we follow? Which ones do we practice?

This one-year Master programme aims to critically discuss the notion of the author, its dependencies, cultural truisms and economic realities through introducing different forms of authorship. It will offer a forum for the experimental, conceptual and technological development of objects, collections, products, processes and scenarios.